I hope that everyone will enjoy the Brooke Priory experience – pupils, families and staff. Since becoming Headmaster at Brooke Priory, I have continued to improve the standards of teaching & learning and facilities throughout the school.

Achievements 2019/2020

• Development and implementation of curriculum programme to ensure effective progression of knowledge and skills throughout the school
• Creation of our feedback policy
• Establishment of staff, parent and pupil wellbeing programme
• Focus on ‘inspirational teaching’ creating memorable learning experiences for all the children
• Empowerment of subject coordinators to increase quality and consistency of teaching
• Development of positions of responsibility and opportunities in Form VI
• Improved communications between school and home
• Astroturf planning

Aims 2020/2021

This year the school’s objectives will be to: –

• Focus on ‘level of challenge’ for all pupils both academically, socially and emotionally
• Implementation of feedback policy to enhance learning
• Emphasis on consistency of handwriting across all the school
• Further enhance the excellent links and partnerships we have with our senior schools and foster positive interactions with our parents
• Begin work on Astroturf project
• Introduction of Brooke Priory Coffee Shop
• Ongoing improvements to enhance the exterior façade of the building
• Further development of wellbeing strategy and activities

I look forward to seeing parents supporting their children and being fully engaged in life at Brooke Priory during the coming academic year.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Duncan Flint